How to Build Up An Effective Performance Testing Strategy?


Performance testing, stress testing, and load testing are a few terms that are interchangeably used. However, measuring service speed isn’t the same as to measure the amount of load. This is because the ability of a service for handling an activity is not the same as perceiving how service reacts to a high load. So, how would you make an effective performance testing strategy without committing any errors?

For this, you have to take following things into account. Just have an insight below:

Completely Understand Your Service

The design test and beliefs for a new service shouldn’t be the same with respect to one that you’ve been continuing for a period of time.

strategy-to-actionAny service that’s overwhelming on a database will uniquely perform in contrast to one that just reads from a database.

 Different things to consider:

Where’s the physical location of your service in comparison to the client base or database host/ How your test environment is in comparison to the production environment?

Whether your service can handle big assets, like sound or artwork files?

By identifying the plus and negative points of your service, you can know the flaws and hence, concentrates on delivering effective results.

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Know What Your Application Is

understand your application

Thoroughly understand how your application is utilizing a service for designing a performance testing script. Before starting JMeter, run your app via proxy and analyze the requests.

Things to Watch Out:


  • What’s the call series at the beginning? Whether it’s different for the returning clients?

  • What’s request series for the main usage scenario? Are there several common situations?

  • How the request profile is different for the anonymous clients vs. logged in clients?

  • Does the application is making any unnecessary load by making frequent requests or duplicate requests?

Outlining the application of your client at an early phase will assist you in preparing a realistic script and discovering concerns before they have a negative effect on your clients.

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Know Your Customers

Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Do you Kno

In case you want to make a standard for your service, you must know the size and projected patterns of usage of your clients..

Some other things to consider below:


  • Is there any peak times when the utilization of an application is projected to spike?

  • What’s the time spent on an average session within an application?

  • For how many times clients make use of an application in a day?

  • What’s your client expectation for application responsiveness?

By identifying your client base, you can tune your script to assure that your service completely matches the anticipated behavior.

Identify Your Test Goals


Having a task at your place isn’t enough for performance testing. You can ask yourself and your team the essential thing which you can learn for this kind of testing.

For instance:


  • Whether the service has the ability to handle to estimated load?

  • What’s the impact of a new feature on the whole server performance?

  • What’s the maximum throughput the desired service can practice within an acceptable error rate?

  • How fast a service reacts to the key requests?

  • How can fast services react to the requests that are under the projected load?

When you’re all done with what you need to learn, you can design a test to concentrate on those objectives.

Final Words

In order to deliver best performance testing services to clients, you must have to step for a valuable performance testing strategy and for that you need to do FULL Research and Discussion. By following the above points you can produce desirable results in an effective manner. Follow up!


Widely Used Robust Test Automation Frameworks and Its Types!


Framework is a combination of test-data handling, coding standards, and object repository management that are followed during automation scripting which results in producing beneficial outcomes such as re-usage of the same code in multiple projects, higher portability and decrease the script maintenance cost etc.
Types of Automation Frameworks:
# Test Library Architecture Framework: Test scripts are initially created using “Record & Playback” method. After that tasks inside the scripts are grouped into Functions. There Functions are called by main text script which is called Driver in different ways to create test cases.
# Data Driven Testing Framework: Test case logic resides in Test Scripts and Test Data is separated and kept outside the Test Scripts in this type of framework. Test Data is read from external files such as Excel Files, Text Files, CSV Files, etc. and are saved in the Test Script as variables.
# Keyword Driven Framework: The Keyword-Driven consists of data tables and keywords, and is not dependent on automation tool for execution.
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Number of Features to Explore in Latest iOS Version 11.0 – Bugraptors


All new features has improvised the feel of iPad and made the use of iPhone even more easier. There are a number of features to explore, which have been listed and explained below:

1. The advanced Augmented Reality: With all new Augmented Reality technology, AR gaming has gone to another level. It will be more realistic, interactive and interesting.

2. A cluster of New features designed for iPad: The new features in Dock will make the iPad experience really easy. The user will now be able to resize the Dock to add all the favorite applications. It has an enhanced Slide Over and Split View which allows the user to easily multitask on different applications. The Drag and Drop feature has made it easier to move the text, images, and files between the applications in iPad. Multi-touch is also possible to move multiple items. Also, the user will now be able to Markup on documents, PDFs, web pages, photos and more.

The all-new Files application will allow the user to browse, search and organize files in a much better user-friendly manner.

3. The new App Store: It has been modified with some new features for the better experience and easy use. It has a new tab ‘Today’ to remain updated with the latest applications. The application details will have more video previews, and more details for the user to make sure of the requirements.

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Why Mobile Application Testing needs to be done in different networks Environment?

There are many mobile network simulator tools available in the market which allow you to test your application in different network conditions. But to see what the users experience in reality we need to test how our application behaves in a perfect network or a slow network.


Use Network Emulators to test real network conditions

1. Network emulators are one of the best mobile application testing solutions that would assess the impact of network variation on a mobile application’s functionality in a controlled lab environment.

2. Network emulators are perfect solutions for creating different types of mixed or complex networks.

3. There is no need of the cable, aerial masks, mobile devices and corporate networks for achieving the best coverage.

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Achieve Fruitful Results! By Maximizing Test Coverage in Less Time

To make sure everything is tested in the best possible way and the software you ship is the best possible quality. For all such you need to maximize your test coverage. Gathers the details about which parts of a program are actually executed when running the test set to improve the test case efficiency.

Automated software testing services to maximize test coverage in less time through

Few tips that can help you maximize your test coverage:

  1.  Understand your business aim: Before test cases designing, understand the point of the software you are going to test. Talk to the end user and try to find what is most important to end users.
  2. Communication: You should talk directly to the developers about what are the new functionalities they are going to deliver with each release. You will get a fair idea to focus your efforts on the next test.

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