Challenges faced by Digital Banks & E-Wallets


Banking and financial services are, however, rapidly transforming in the digital era. With the emergence of advanced technologies, banks are facing massive pressure to increase their efficiency and flexibility, and subsequently, lower their costs. It is really important for the banks and customers to remain transparent and authentic respectively.

Undoubtedly, the idea behind integrating banking services with technology is convenience. Technology has a strong impact on almost every individual, to an extent that it influences their lifestyle. So, it has now become vital for a business to distinguish themselves in the digital space with unique offerings. Read more-

Why to choose selenium for test automation?


As we all know Selenium is getting popular as an automation testing tool (especially for their UI and functionality) for testing different types of websites. We are going to talk about some of the important reasons to use Selenium for Test Automation which are given below:

1. It is very productive for automation testing as it is an Open Source testing tool.

2. It gets easier to create test cases using Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

3. It supports multiple browsers like Chrome, IE 6, 7, 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

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The major key factors to create a test automation framework

automation testing

Test Automation is the process of software testing which is performed by utilizing various test automation tools. It plays a vital role in the success/failure of any software automation project.  The type of test automation tools can either be open source or licensed versions. It is highly recommended by the software testing experts that before the initialization of test automation, a test automation framework should be created which would not only support the software testing process but also help in improving its quality. In a way, it can be said that the test automation framework allows a software tester to effectively perform automated software testing. The clients and the business community have understood the benefits of implementing a test automation framework.

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Mobile apps automation testing tools


Automation testing is one of the widely used mobile application testing approaches. In this, a user is required to set up as many test cases as possible which will allow the user to automate approximately 80% of the testing. Both manual and automation approach can be used for mobile application testing while automation testing saves a lot of time and effort in comparison to manual testing.To know more about mobile apps testing  .


What will testing look like in Year 2020?


One thing which we were observing since the year 2001 was how testing activities integrate with SDLC in early stages by using methodologies such as Agile. Agile was used by many organizations for shortening their development time. Also use of virtualization, cloud computing, and service-oriented architecture also become famous.

Below are the Software Testing predictions for the coming years:

1. New roles and responsibilities of Software Tester: Nowadays our prime objective is to prevent bugs before the product gets delivered. In the future, we will see how the testers will also provide various risk assessments tools which will ensure that our product is stable at all times. To read more at –


Introduction to APIs & how to automate APIs testing with selenium web driver?

An application-programming interface(API) consists of a set of standards and programming instructions for accessing a Web tool or Web-based software application. Application Program interface is a set of protocols, routines, and tools required for building software applications. An API specifies the way in which the software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when the graphical user interface(GUI) components are to be programmed. A good API provides all the building blocks and makes it easier to develop a program. A programmer puts all the building blocks together.


Different types of APIs are available for operating systems, applications or websites. For example, ‘Windows’ has many API sets that are being used by the system hardware and applications i.e. when users copy and paste text from one application to another, it is the API that makes it work. Most of the operating environments, such as MS-Windows also provides APIs which allows the programmers to write applications that are consistent with the operating environment.  To read more info –

A Context-Driven Approach to Automation in Testing

Outline: “To help ourselves test better, Context-Driven testers use tools. But, there is no such thing as Automation”

While reading the James Bach’s blog, I found an interesting view about “Automation” in testing from Michael Bolton and James Bach.



The governing view of test automation can be summarized as “automate testing by automating the user.” We see at least three big problems here that belittle testing:

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