Performance Testing VS Load Testing VS Stress Testing


It really doesn’t matter whether you are a QA engineer, developer, or a Devops. You must have a clear understanding of software testing. I know to design and developing a mobile app or a website can be a tedious task. However, it is also crucial to delivering a bug-free application. In fact, it is the most important counter-part of the software development.

In this post, we will discuss the major difference between performance testing, load testing, and Stress testing. All these terms may sound similar but they are way too different from each other. This post is here to break the common misconception in the realm of software testing.

So, without any further ado, let’s get you started


What is a Performance Testing?

Performance testing is used to determine the speed of device or network, Devices may include computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

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It checks all the scenarios where the performance of the mechanisms of your system gets affected. These scenarios are technically the parameters present in different load scenarios.


What is Load Testing?

Load testing is the actual user load your software can handle. It confirms how your software will react with normal and maximum loads. When a project is almost completed, the developers put it through load testing to make sure that it can handle the unexpected excessive traffic volume.


What is Stress Testing?

If you want to determine the stability and power of your software, then you should go for stress testing. Stress testing comprises simulations that will help you in cross-checking all the hypothetical situations where your application can lag behind.


The Core Difference

core difference between performance stress and load testing

Make note of these points,

  • Performance testing is the superset of load and stress testing while load and stress testing are the subsets of performance testing.
  • Performance testing will enhance your software and set standards while the load test is for determining the upper limit of the software. Stress testing on other hand is utilized to check how your application will behave under overload and how it will recover in the end.
  • Performance testing is all about how your application will respond to the optimum parameters while load testing tells the limit and only conducted for increasing the load. Stress testing ensures that your application is ready to handle any sudden surge in traffic.


Winding It Up

In a nutshell, what you need to understand is that performance testing is one category and the other two i.e. load and stress testing is the subcategory of performance testing. They are there to ensure seamless functioning of your application in the trickiest conditions.

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Please share the word and if you have any concerns you can contact us to know more about software testing. Adios for now!!!


Follow These Tips When Practicing Load Testing of Your Website

performance testing tools

Enhancing the performance of your site gives you an assurance that you get the maximum out of your online traffic by providing clients the experience which they expect. Furthermore, search engine reward sites correctly perform with the top rankings. Therefore, you will gain significant advantages from setting up your site for the high traffic loads. Load balancing in performance testing is an ideal approach to begin enhancing the website performance since it sets your site for peak activity. When your site is all set to be stressed to its extreme limits, it’s sure that it will function well on daily basis.

This article illustrates the best practices for load testing:

Make a Test Case


A test case is defined as the set of inputs, implementation situations, and the expected results that are developed for a specific goal. The different situations which you create based on the metrics of the user interaction with your app will help you in developing test cases that you measure against. If you have test cases in place, you can make a test plan which simulates the observed behavior.

Select a Proper Load Test Tool

The load balancing has the ability to make use of the complete network of servers for maximizing performance. Have servers in various geographical locations for minimizing the download time for the users across the world. You need various servers in order to avail the advantages of load balancing. Most of the leading sites execute servers which are designed for specialized functions, like processing or rendering, in order to get maximum benefits of load balancing.

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Concentrate on the Users

concentrate on the user

When profiling load-balancing software, begin by identifying what users expect to see when they visit your site. So, ensure to construct load testing in such a manner that keeps the experience of a user at the forefront of the concerns. After every load test, the results are analyzed and performance is checked against pre-determined standards to review the outcome. The main objective of load testing is that users visit your site frequently.

Ensure that your load-balancing software makes efforts to optimize the load times based on the user expectation for getting the best results.

Load the Web Pages Progressively


This minimizes the demand placed on your server as fewer data have to be processed and sent to the users when a part of the page is downloaded. Make sure that your site has the ability to download web pages progressively without any substantial delays when your server is facing maximum demand.

When load testing, it’s essential to follow these best practices in order to get the most accurate data from your tests.


Factors That Have An Influence On The Performance Testing

Factors that Have an Influence on the Performance Testing

Performance plays an important role in getting better conversion rate and satisfaction of the customer. This, in the long run, leads to better revenue generation. There are different methods of determining the website scalability where you can simply evaluate the difficulties encountered by a website. Additionally, they facilitate the performance of website application.

Why is the Performance Testing of Web Application Essential?

Different factors are needed to be taken into account while executing performance testing on application. For getting better customer experience, you need to test the scalability and durability of a website, along with content, feeds, database, etc. related with a page.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the factors:

Server or Hosting

A website hosting company and server it selects to place your website on can have a great influence on the speed of your website loads for the visitors. Server or HostingIf you don’t have adequate resources on the server, slow the things for everyone. Since shared hosting is the most economical for small websites, it’s not an ideal solution. Big websites look into VPS (virtual private server) that provides cost-efficiency of shared hosting, hence, the capability for controlling server resource, for example, dedicated hosting plan.  The big websites, like Twitter, and Facebook, must utilize dedicated hosting – a single website hosted on the server. Also, this will have a full control of the resources.

Whenever you select your web hosting company, search for the one which has a unique rating, at least 99.5%. Most advertise 99.9% uptime, and will only have the problems when updating the server your website is hosted on. In case the host server is slow, no matter what developments you make in order to speed up loading time, your site will remain slow.

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File Sizes and Types

file-typeThe large your file size is, the more files you will have to load on a page, and the long time it will take to load in the browser.

While enhancements in connection speed have made it possible for loading larger files in lesser time, it is essential to take proper time for optimizing your files. You can minify your code and optimize image formats and sizes in order to keep your files as thin as possible.



The browsers which you are utilizing can affect the website speed load. The earlier versions of browsers might struggle to load different code and assets since they might not be compatible. browserIf you don’t set your browser to cache certain items from websites you frequently visit, you might experience slower page loading speeds. If you want to get the best results, ensure to periodically check to assure that you are running the most prevalent version of the software.

You can optimize and test performance of your application at any stage. Therefore, adopting the above factors enables you to discover bugs and assure that the application is performed consistently.

Factors to Consider When Outlining Performance Testing

SKCH AV Strategic Planning Process Graphic 6-12

Today, organizations believe that conveying a total digital experience is something other than page load and speed times. That’s the reason why performance testing has become an utmost consideration for the software testers. They are facilitated to implement multi-layered testing methodology over the standard load and stress testing plans.

In this article, you’ll get an overview of the best performance testing practices that are beyond the limits of performance testing. A tester can acknowledge wide challenges in contrast to regular testing.

Let’s take a look at the following factors and plan a performance test effectively:

Establish a Complete Testing Strategy

In order to ascertain the kind of test which you need to perform, you have to set up a detailed test strategy. The performance testing strategy needs proper planning before final implementation. Very first, thoroughly understand test accurately. This can be done by knowing how the elements interact and expectations of the client from the system. This sort of testing strategy clearly signifies the real-life environment.

Include the Think Time


Think time is considered as the pause time taken by the normal client while working with an application. Normally this occurs when a client delays to see the data playing over the screen. During this time, they shift from one segment to the next or they apply their insight to surge ahead with their purchase plans. This time slack happens when a client stops to confirm the address or credit card information.  At the time of preparing test scripts, this time can be settled as the fixed time between two succeeding requests or ideal time taken between the minimum or maximum values.

Ascertain the Performance Bottleneck

Whether you’re a novice or a specialized tester, you can never think about when and where performance concern may manifest. When an issue arises, it’s essential that you must begin with individual elements instead of concentrating on the complete module. No doubt, this is tedious, but it will save you a lot of money and efforts.

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Learn from Earlier Experiences

Performance issues do manifest and it takes time to discover. Conduct performance testing under similar conditions and check whether the issue continues or not. This consistent perception will assist you to establish your own particular sifting framework for performance issues. A good quality of an observer is that he makes efforts to examine his own testing decisions after some time. This is done to utilize that experience to get to the root of the issue.

Underline on Baseline Tests

In a performance testing project, the most essential thing to take into account is time management. Always consider the baseline test because 85% of the mistakes are resolved during these tests. Testers can simply recognize and isolate issues faces during such tests. This is because detection the issues, later on, becomes quite challenging. Also, baseline tests will help you in saving time on ‘full load tests.’

So, these are the methods to plan performance testing strategy besides the technical aspects. Implement these and see effective results.

Traits of Better Performance Testing You Ought To Know


Testing is an integral part of software development and with the market going dynamic; things are very much tilted towards testing. Now, a design is not the first parameter to look for, it is the performance of the software that matters to the user.

That is the reason performance testing is crucial and expected to have a huge impact on the ROI of your business.

In order to do performance testing, you have two ways. You can hire a performance tester or you can opt for performance testing services. In both cases, you will hire an expert who will help you in successfully invoking performance testing.

It will help you in identifying issues that can cause trouble for the seamless performance of your web/mobile application. Let’s have a look on what tenets you must when hiring a performance tester or service. Here we go,


Are They Tech Enthusiast?


The first question you must ask the tester you are interviewing is, “Are they passionate about technology?” You don’t have to be direct in asking this question, a surrogate question directing toward their interest will be a nice approach. Many psychologists believe that indirect questions about the interest of a person motivate them to talk more about their genuine interests. So, you can try this approach and find which of the testers are apt for your testing project.


The Level of Curiosity


Testing aptitude is not the only thing a tester should be interested in, there are numerous other tenets that a tester should prove in order to get hired. The level of curiosity is one of the factors here. If a tester has the level of curiosity, there are increased chances that he/she will recognize new trends faster than other potential candidates. Asking the right question at the right time is the thin line which differentiates thoroughly between success and failure.


How Well Can They Recognize Right Functioning of a Business?

agile-bugraptorsRecognizing the right procedure is paramount for a software tester. While hiring for performance tester, it is very important for them to be able to recognize the patterns and then use them for the advantage which increases the yield of testing. It begins with the scripting and ends with a high-performance mobile


application. A good performance tester must be competent enough to reduce the issues to give a seamless experience to your user with proper analysis of scoping, monitoring and execution. Knowing your marketing campaign will spawn them with detailed knowledge to design the application in the way that is best for your business.


I hope this helps you in hiring the best performance testing services. If you have any questions, you can contact us to know more about our agile process of performance testing. Here at BugRaptors, we believe that business comes with quality and we deliver it impeccably.

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