Introduction of TestNG Framework and its benefits over Junit Framework

TestNG is a testing framework stirred from NUnit and JUnit but presenting some new functionalities that make it much easier and powerful to use. It is an open source automated testing framework; in which NG means Next Generation.


TestNG is much more influential than JUnit but is inspired by JUnit. TestNG removes most of the limitations of the older framework and gives the developer the facility to write more powerful and flexible tests with help of easy grouping, annotations, parameterizing and sequencing.

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How do Mobile Applications Handle Interruptions?

A Software Testing Company updates that present day applications for web applications and mobile devices are far from been perfect. Mobile application testing displays that software products on smartphones, tablets and mobile phones often freeze up behave strangely and crash. There are a lot of reasons for that.


Interrupt Testing relates to any application type-Mobile, Stand Alone, Web etc. The variety of networks, configurations, devices etc. makes it more noticeable for Mobile applications than the others.

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Why the importance of Accessibility Testing is getting Bigger and Braver?

As we all know, Technology, particularly the web has introduced new worlds for everyone who uses it. But have you ever given a thought about how the capability to access technology influences the lives of those with special needs?


Imagine you are blind yet you are able to read, not capable to speak or hear yet you can chat online or being completely paralyzed but still you can travel the world?

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