Advantages of having Selenium Browser Automation Testing Tool

Testing professionals use a variety of automation testing tools to test the web applications effectively. Automated testing has made the testing processes much simpler than manual testing. It has accelerated the testing process and improved efficiency. The most powerful open source automation tool available at the moment is Selenium.


Based on Java scripting to a large extent, these tests run directly in the browser like Mozilla, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on various operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. There is hardly any tool that covers such assortment of platforms. This tool has made it easier to check web applications without putting in extra effort and time. Here are some important advantages of the Selenium automation testing tool:

  • Flexibility and Ease of Use: Selenium is a user-friendly interface for creating and executing testing suites. Selenium’s open source nature allows the user to write his own extensions. It is robust and supports flexible test architecture. It allows adding functionalities to the test cases easily and customizes the tool according to the project requirement.
  • Platform Portability: Testers often have to write multiple test scripts to see the performance of a web application across different browsers. Selenium allows writing the script once, and then run it on multiple browsers and platforms to test the web applications. This way, even the complex web applications can be tested without expanding the test cycles.
  • Multiple Test Environments: Selenium allows the testers to use a number of Integrated Development Environments such as NetBeans, Visual Studio and Eclipse. Features of other frameworks can also be combined with Selenium for a flawless and amusing user experience.
  • Open Source: Selenium offers all the advantages that an open source software offers. It doesn’t include any licensing cost and is customizable as per the user request. However, it is still under development and has numerous active contributors in the user forums.
  • Programming Language: Using the testing tools, testers write scripts that are specific to programming languages. This requires them to learn that specific language to write scripts. But selenium allows you to write scripts by using any programming language. Adding to this, a variety of tools can be used to generate reports, build systems and create IDE.

Selenium browser automation testing tool is really effective in reducing the test cycles drastically. If you are looking for Selenium browser automation services then contact Bugraptors. It is a CMMi5 certified quality assurance company with an extensive experience in manual and automation testing services. Visit the website here for more insights.


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