Strategies to Increase the Customer Base of Your Mobile Applications

With the dawn of smart phones and the advancement of the mobile technology, people are using smart devices progressively more as a mean of communication and for accessing the web. Stats confirm that in the near future, people will use mobile phones to access the web more than using a desktop or laptop to do the same.

With the increasing admiration of the smart phones, the race among the mobile application developers has also increased as everyone endeavors to make their app favored among the targeted customers.

One of the finest ways to make your application a preferred one among the customers and to generate profit for your organization is by testing it before launching it for public so as to resolve any anomalies that may dissatisfy the customers.


In order to perform the mobile app testing procedure effectively, you may want to follow certain strategies which can help you to increase the customer base of your organization and also earn more revenue from the pleased and reliable customers.

  1. Define the most Prevalent Devices: As an application developer, your primary job would be to determine which device is most prevalent among your target customers so that you can create an application compatible to them and test accordingly. You also need to be far sighted to know which device will soon take the market by storm.
  2. Think Globally: While you are planning to test your application, you will have to consider an international market. Every organization plans to expand its business as well as its customer base beyond the limits of its country. You will then have to test your application in such a way that even your international customers are satisfied with your products (applications).
  3. The Extent: Estimations indicate that by the year 2020, the total smart phones users will reach about 24 billion. With the increase in consumers, there will also be a considerable increase in the types of devices. While testing for the developed apps, the screen size and the resolution of all these devices will be taken into account. You will also have to take into consideration devices like Google glass, Samsung gear, Apple watch etc. which can be used to access your applications.
  4. iOS vs. Android: This is one of the most debatable points that every enterprise who developed and tests applications needs to take into consideration. While the majority of mobile application users are Android users, the global surveys show that 50% of the app testing time is dedicated to iOS apps every year because of the fact that Apple updates its operating system with its applications unlike Android, whose updates take long to reach and get updated by the customers.

All said and done, mobile app testing solutions assesses all the aspects of the mobile user experience. If you want your organization to have a lucrative future, automated application testing for your mobile apps is an absolute necessity which is to be done in all the circumstances for the benefit of both the service providers and the customers.

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