Best Regression Testing Tool

Many applications/websites have bugs because of its incorrect functionality, usability, behavior, security and performance.

There are various automation tools available which provides a convenient way to detect the errors, examining and fixing errors. Most of the bugs come due to functional problems of the web application.

Here are I am sharing some of the most commonly used tools –

1. Selenium
2. TestCafe
3. Screenster
4. SoapUI
5. Sahi
6. Watin
7. Watir
8. QTP (UFT)
9. Ranorex

Following are the important tools that one should must use it for testing


Selenium is one of the most widely used automated tool. It is designed to support and encourage automation testing of functional part of the project.



TestCafe is a DevExpress web testing framework designed to detecting bugs in web based application of MacOS, Linux and Windows.

​ Screenster

It is an UI based regression and functional testing tool for web apps. It is platform independent as it can efficiently work for all bowsers and OS.


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