6 Major Business Benefits of Agile Testing

Agile testing importance for businesses

A comprehensive approach towards software testing and quality assurance becomes a vital part of a software development life cycle. Businesses always strive to deliver quality products and here you’ll get an insight into how agile testing helps you achieve quality goals in the process of software development.

Adopting agile would be a wise decision for businesses to excel in delivering a quality product.

Let’s check out the major benefits of agile testing for your businesses:

1. Testing becomes a crucial part of the development process

2. Agile puts more emphasis is on fully-functional software delivery

3. Better-quality product delivered

4. Fewer risks involved

5. Enhances morality of the team

6. Save money and generate profits

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Technology-Based Trends For Software Testing For 2019

technological trends in software testing 2019

Software testing comprises ways to analyze a software item to detect defects. Also, it aims to evaluate the features of the software product.

Hopefully, 2019 will yield as a vital year in software testing.

However, the technological shift has just begun. As we have stepped into 2019, we should expect more milestones as several new software testing trends are being discovered. QC/QA must be hoping to take shape shortly.

1. The Shift:- Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

As of, Software testing world QC/QA has been the approach of choice.

Although, QC/QA is now an intricate field that comprehends a hand full of skills and technology.,

2. Organizations Democratize Load Testing

A specific discipline considerably was load testing at once; though the advent of new tools changed the picture.  As a consequence, more testers with a traditional QA background shall predictably get involved with load testing as 2019 steps in.

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Software Testing For Utilities Sector – Why Need It?

Need For Software Testing In Utilities Sector

Even though the Energy and Utilities sector has been going through its own set of challenges over the last few years, some of the world-renowned surveys agencies such as IDC (International Data Corporation) predict that utilities will take on at least 40% of their earnings using new business models and services by 2018.

The focus is on the consumers and their convenience, and specific attention to make the experience more powerful and intimate. Digital technologies have been dealing with challenges such as increasing operational costs, resource inadequacy, regulatory compliance, and reaching out to new geographical areas.

Most of the Energy companies are trying to find new and innovative ways to deal with these loopholes, and updating/modernizing their business for delivering enhanced quality services.

Role of QA Services in the Energy and Utility Sector:

Nowadays, almost all industries rely on data-driven decisions.

As far as utilities-based digital transformations are concerned, software testing and Quality Analyst plays a vital role in transforming utility products to acceptable end-user products.

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ETL Testing – Business Importance

ETL Testing Services

ETL Testing – What it is?

ETL testing is done to make sure that the data which is loaded from source to the destination after the business transformation is accurate. In this type of testing, information is verified at various stages between the source and target destination.

What is the Process of ETL Testing?

ETL Testing process is similar to all the other types of testing performed.

i) Analyzing requirements and data sources.

ii) Data acquisition

iii) Implement dimensional Modelling and business logic

iv) Populate and build data

v) Building Reports

Why ETL Testing Is Important For Your Business?

  • ETL testing assists in the procedure of verification, qualifying data and validation by avoiding information loss and duplicate records.
  • ETL testing confluences information from various resources and morphs the data into a format that can be effective. Additionally, this permits the operator to access the data with ease from one interface itself, further reducing the dependability on your IT Team.
  • Besides validating the information, ETL Testing assists to create, monitor, and affirm the migrated/integrated information, data profiling, the data sources, data quality and meets the standards of data transformation rules and Performance Acceptance Criteria.

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Test Automation Importance in Digital Payment Process

Test Automation in the Digital Payment Process

Every day people are shifting to non-cash payment methods which are more convenient and straightforward to transfer money across bank accounts.

Even local vendors have started accepting payments through digital methods such as the use of Paytm has increased a lot in the last year. Hence, it is evident that a broad base of customers is reliant on digital payments and its quality should not be compromised especially it has finances involved in the scenario.

Need for Digital Testing

Customer satisfaction is now measured online rather than a physical experience. User experience is on top most priority as numbers of products are already available in the market. If the customer doesn’t have rich experience, the attention will be diverted to the one with better performance. Digital Testing or QA testing, therefore, holds more significant than before.

Importance of Test Automation in the Digital Payment Process:

Most payment transactions occur through ATM cards as well as smartphones through UPI payments. It is of utmost importance that the user-interface and the application at hand are accessible and straightforward 24 by 7.   Testing of critical functionality of payment gateway needs to be tested periodically to ensure high-quality standards. Automation of tests is the best way to achieve the required level of testing. 

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